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Thank you! ...for numerous participation in the great Vollmer Winning Game 2009.

We registered thousands of participants and far more than 2000 had had the right answer. The question was: "Which small street in Ruedesheim is so popular, that 3 million people are visiting every year?"

The correct answer was b) ... DROSSELGASSE

The same great interest we've registered for our upcoming kit art.-no. 5767 signal box Ruedesheim in H0.

We regret very much that the resale date must be delayed and will not be July, as announced in the new items brochure. The design of the article was very time consuming. However, the drawings are all done and the tool constructions department is working high speed on the tools - to get the product ready for shipping.

All lucky winners have been drawn - and got informed by ordinary mail.

Best wishes from the Porschestraße

Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG

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