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So much support!

zoom photo "tag-offene-tuer 2012"

September, 15th and 16th 2012 were Vollmer Open House Days

Thousands of interested visitors came to Porschestrasse 25, the home of Vollmer. And once again customers and friends were fascinated and enjoyed our open door activities in 2012.

Even before the official beginning, curious visitors gathered in front of the gate.

On both days, Saturday and Sunday, people kept on coming.

On Sunday we were very lucky with the weather conditions. The factory grounds were packed with visitors of all ages on a warm and sunny autumn day.

Based on good preparing and a lot of support and help from Vollmer staff and helpers, the days were well organized and everything went very smooth.

Thank you for your visit! Your comments and praise felt good and are the source of motivation for the whole Vollmer team.

In this sense, we start into a hot autumn model railway season.

Yours truly,
Vollmer from Porschestrasse

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