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The year is passing towards its end...

zoom photo "stille-nacht 2009"

and we have not finished yet all tool making work for the 2009 new items as we had planned, but we are happy to announce, that we already delivered the signal box "Rüdesheim" (Art.-Nr. 5767), along with the Bus Stop (Art.-Nr. 5155).

Station "Burghausen" (Art.-Nr.3522) will be shipped these days. The Silent-Night-Memorial-Chapel in N-Scale (Art.-Nr. 7612) will probably be deliverable the second week of December 2009.

We are still working on the tools for Art.-Nr. 3606 Grill place with cottage in HO, Art.-Nr. 7727 Grill place with cottage in N as well as Art.-Nr. 7580 Bus Station in N-Scale. They will be deliverable beginning of next year.

Vollmer electronics: due to difficulties in our supply chain, we won't be able to have the new Vollmer electronics program ready within this year. We will keep you posted on this issue.

Have nice, cosy and inspiring evenings with your hobby and our kits.

Best regards,
Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG

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