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Easter Novelty 2011

more about easter-novelty 2011

Little rabbit you must learn,
Listen careful with concern,
Rabbit School - that's what you want,
Teacher Rabbit lectures up front.

At the fair in Nuremberg, we haven't displayed all!
As announced previously, you can expect more exciting anniversary novelties from Vollmer.

The first one is our Easter Novelty, the Rabbit School, which might remind many of you on your childhood Easter time. Aren't they cute, with their little school bags, listening to the stern looking teacher?

Art. 3607 Rabbit School H0
rabbit school building, fence, blackboard, desks and seats, 1 rabbit teacher, 2 rabbit students and many more decoration details, as well as instructions and color prints.

Kit with cute and carefully designed decoration. The rabbits, which are included, can be painted individually.

With friendly Easter-greetings from Germany

Susanne Tochtermann
Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG

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