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Summer 2008

Summer has begun...

After the European Soccer Championship, there are less interesting things on TV. Time is available again for your hobby.
Why don’t you invite your neighbour for a cold drink and start building a new Vollmer kit together? Just for your pleasure, for decoration or to create a small layout? Our new items represent some nice ideas and topics, they are priceworthy and don’t need much space !

Meantime we delivered the following kits to your dealer:

Railroadman-House Art.-No. 3805 Railroadman House
L 160 x W 104 x H 153 mm

Railroadman-House-with-Roofridge Art.-No. 3806 Railroadman House with Roofridge
L 132 x W 93 x H 164 mm

Railroadman-Cornerhouse Art.-No. 3807 Railroadman Cornerhouse
L 115 x W 115 x H 185 mm

The Railroadmen-Houses are representative buildings from the turn of the Century. Due to the brick construction the houses appear rustique and on the same time, one can sense the romantique of the industrial buildings at that time.The appartments are for railroadworkers, close by the tracks. With these three houses – plain, with timber-frame and the corner house – you can design interesting quarters on your own.

We also deliverd these ones:

Settlement-House-with-Timber-Frame Art.-No. 3649 Settlement House with Timber Frame
L 158 x W 121 x H 125 mm

Settlement-House-with-Timber-Frame Art.-No. 3654 Settlement House with Timber Frame
L 158 x W 121 x H 125 mm

Settlement-House Art.-No. 3657 Settlement House
L 158 x W 121 x H 125 mm

Settlement-House Art.-No. 3659 Settlement House
L 158 x W 121 x H 125 mm

You are looking for buildings for housing estate ? Here they are. With these four basic houses you can build any size of a residential area. With timber frame or without, in different colours and materials - so the houses seem to be similar, but are different at the same time.

To be delivered soon:

Art.-No. 3777 DHL-Package Station
Art.-No. 3798 Feeding of Game
Art.-No. 5139 Kiosk "Chicken Charly"
Art.-No. 5140 Kiosk "Hot Dog Henry"
Art.-No. 5154 Christmas Tree Nursery

With which kit do you want to start ??

Have a nice summer time,

Yours truly,
Vollmer Gmbh & Co. KG

P.S. Don't forget: Our Open House at September 13th and 14th 2008 ... here in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to welcome you!!!

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