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Stone art... natural, lasting, ecological!

New Vollmer product line - stone art! Weatherproof items made of quartz sand material. Street-, roof- and wall plates as well as tunnel portals, retaining walls and decoration items like fountains and rocks are fascinating by great optics and haptics.

Simply handling by warming up and cutting in combination with best flexibility are the most impressing attributes of Vollmer stone art.

Especially the friends of big gauges will profit of the weatherproof stone art-items to upgrade their model railroad layout.

Even creating dioramas or covering of houses, laying street plates or creating a market place - nearly everything is possible, easy handling and high realistic.

Tunnel portals and retaining walls
We offer tunnel portals and retaining walls in the gauges G, 0, H0, TT and N. These are formable by light warming up. Attention: Please form the items with caution, because they can break easily.

Wall- and roof plates
The wall- and roof plates are very flexible without warming up and easy to cut. Build your roofs and walls high realistic and your model railway layout will be an eye-catcher.

Street plates
Easy road construction with Vollmer stone art plates. Unpacking, fitting, mounting, ready!

Vollmer street plates are well suitable for road construction on your model railway layout. The set street plates cobblestone, 3 pieces (item-No. 48240 H0, 48740 0 and 48840 G) consists of two plates without manhole cover and canal lid as well as one plate with two manhole covers and one canal lid.

For H0 gauge we offer street plates 2 tails of each end (item-No. 48244), an x-crossing (item-No. 48241) and a street plate with 60° interfacing (item-No. 48242), which fits perfectly to 60° kibri corner houses. In addition we offer a street plate with 90° interfacing (item-No. 48243), perfect for your 90° buildings.

Much more
For more decoration and creation of your model railway layout we offer with our stone art set market square (item-No. 48270 H0) high detailed accessories. The set consists of 2 high layed and an octagonal fountain, 5 rocks, 2 angular and one round manhole cover.

Who will be much more flexible, independent of gauge and individual in creating is well served with the stone art modelling paste, colour natural, 500 g. With commercial, dilute able stains (e. g. acrylic paints, powder or acrylic tinting pastes), the paste can be customized in colour. Only the following colours are required to obtain the desired colour: black, brown and red.

Mounting of the stone art tunnel portal:

Use an expanded plastic slab or styrofoam to create a rock landscape. Work on it according to your ideas, to get a structure which looks like rock.

Mix the modelling paste item-No. 48900 with acrylic paint to get the right optic like sandstone or granit. After that coat the paste and create a rock wall.

Assimilate the retaining walls 48101 and the tunnel portal 48000 from the new Vollmer stone art series to the rock wall. The realistic models built by mineral material have a fantastic optic and haptic - look like stone, as heavy as stone, feel like stone. This applies also for your self-formed rock walls.

In the result it looks as shown above: the modelling paste coats even the retaining walls and the tunnel portal. In the following step you can cover your rock wall with plants and grass.


Mounting of the stone art street plates

The street plates from Vollmer stone art can be glued simply with any superglue stick on your diorama. The plates are adaptable and can be cutted simply with a cutter.

Even if the street plates by the weatherproof sediment group material look like real stone, you can create a nearly real cobblestone appearrance with powder colour similar to sand. In addition you put the pigments quite simply with a commercial brush on the plates, and comminute it with more or less pressure all over the complete surface.

By a slightly moist cloth you mop up the excessive powder colour from the plates.

In the result it looks as shown above: the gabs of the cobblestones look like they are filled with sand.